Catalina Rojas Benedetti


I am a psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search for BEING. I am specialized in altered states of consciousness through breathwork techniques such as rebirthing and meditation.

Motivated by my call to evolve and understand what existence really is - I have been on a 25-year journey through various trainings that have been changing and complementing my path. These trainings include art therapy, Gestalt, Neurolinguistics Programming, Kundalini Yoga, Akashic Records and Sound Healing.

My work is based on my own experience since my aim is to share what for myself has been an incredible channel of transformation. I am here to help you understand that every situation in your life has been there to help you. That the acceptance of your “darkness” or those facets of yourself that you do not like, are the basis for being able to find a path of fulfilment and unconditional love for yourself.
Catalina Rojas Benedetti


From my earliest years, my curiosity has been fixated on unraveling the mysteries of the universe and understanding the profound meaning of existence. An insatiable quest and an intrinsic discontent with the world and societal norms enveloped me and propelled me to explore the boundless expanses of my own consciousness. Delving far beyond the visible realm, my journey is rooted in creating a profound connection with the unseen, plumbing the depths of my soul, and answering the compelling callings of my spirit.

My father died when I was only a year and a half, so for as long as I can remember, my connection with death has been one of the bases of understanding about the mystery that is life. Always with the intention of evolving my human part and being able to reach the moment of my death being conscious and prepared to cross that threshold as best prepared as possible. This led me to want to evolve and commit to my personal and spiritual path, navigating the depths of my own mind and entering into the experiences that life put in my path with great intensity.

This is how I began to study psychology in search of this understanding and a sanction that was urgent for me at that moment, the product of various circumstances experienced or traumas to be more precise. I can say that I have lived in hell and that I needed to learn how to get out of it, how to transform my circumstances and create a future where I can be fulfilled. The human being and its processes have been my great passion, relationships, the way we communicate and need each other. This is why I studied Psychology in Colombia. With a humanistic approach and motivated more by philosophy and being able to understand how the human psyche worked.

In 1999, I met a group of therapists who worked with indigenous ceremonies and altered states of consciousness. I specialized in these states, basing all my work on the possibility of expanding one's knowledge through breathing as a healing tool. I have also studied Vibrational Chart, Authentic Voice, Artherapy, Gestalt, NLP, Kundalini Yoga, among other trainings, which to this day I do not stop doing. My work is based on continuous personal growth and is completed when I transmit it and share it with others.

I started with the Rebirthing technique and then worked for 15 years with Holotropic Breathwork, I observed along the way that the change occurred at an even deeper level. That in our body memory we share information of a species, of a collective unconscious that unites us. We are closer than we think or imagine. We are part of a network of stories that interweave and thus we can find ourselves through others.

All those years I was focused on trauma and reaching the moment of catharsis through breathing in order to release it. But deep down I knew I was always missing something, a piece that I could not quite find. It was when I arrived in Bali and discovered the medicine of flowers and water, of softness and sweetness that I understood that there are many forms of healing and that not everything always has to go through the extreme and the struggle of breaking the limits of consciousness. That we can open subtle states of our being through openness and surrender.

At that moment I completely changed the technique and began to look more for the YIN part of breathing, slowing down the pace and focusing the session on respect and listening to what each individual needs at all times. And finally IN_BREATH was born!

Currently, my intention is to bring people closer to experiencing their multidimensionality and reconnection with the highest part of their BEING. I am very aligned with the part of the breath that is closest to the invisible world, to the spirit itself. I am a lover of all the rituals and forms of shamanism of different cultures, so those bases are a large part of the process that I share and of the transmission itself. My intention is that we can make every place in our lives sacred, starting with our body and our breath in each moment.

welcome to the magic
Catalina Rojas Benedetti


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