Music has a profound impact on altered states of consciousness.

MODULE 2 | MAY 18 - 22. 2024 | BARCELONA, SPAIN

Music has been used for centuries in different cultures and traditions to accompany and enhance altered states of consciousness, such as in rituals, ceremonies, spiritual practices, and psychedelic experiences. Altered states of consciousness are mental states that differ from ordinary consciousness and can include experiences like deep meditation, trance, lucid dreaming, near-death experiences, among others. Music has a profound impact on altered states of consciousness due to its psychoacoustic qualities and its ability to stimulate different areas of the brain.

Some effects of music on these altered states may include:
- Induction into trance
- Facilitation of relaxation
- Amplification of emotions
- Enhancement of extrasensory experiences


Sound transcends time and space. Through it, we can open a field of healing, as it awakens and evokes memories, connecting them with the primordial sound, generating an energetic balance as certain sounds influence our energetic and physical bodies. Through sound, repressed or blocked emotions can also be released, contributing to emotional well-being.

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For over 20 years, my work has been focused on transpersonal psychology, based on breathing techniques, ancestral ceremonies, and the search for the self through intuition.

I believe in reconnecting with your inner voice, and that the only possible guide is yourself and your own body. I believe in willpower and the capacity for change, in transformation and the creation of one's own reality.
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Specialized in Music Therapy with 12 years of experience, his passion is to promote the use of music as a tool for the healing process, facilitating therapeutic and creative spaces. Incorporating traditional instruments, popular songs, and chants into his practice, music has led him to accompany people in various settings: from workshops to medicinal ceremonies.


Vocal Music Therapist
Sound therapist and holistic healer, he also stands out as a stage creator and physical theater actor. Creator of the method "The Body of the Voice," he explores vocal texture and harmonies, and their vibrational influence on different dimensions of consciousness. His field of study on African Tradition and its application in the Mossi traditional medicine with Kabré Tiim Saidú makes him a reference in the method.


Terapeuta de sonido y sanador holístico, también destaca como creador escénico y actor de teatro físico. Creador del método El Cuerpo de la Voz, explora la textura y armonías vocales, y su influencia vibracional en las diferentes dimensiones de la conciencia. Su campo de estudio sobre la Tradición africana y su aplicación en la medicina tradicional Mossi con Kabré Tiim Saidú lo convierte en referente del método.


Musician and Healing Dance Facilitator
Practitioner of Healing Dance water body therapy and musician, focused on subtle listening and serene and supportive presence, in fusion with water where participants can relax, release, integrate emotional processes, and restore childhood memories. From a gentle place. Recovering the sensation of being held by life.
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  • 4 nights of accommodation in nature

  • 5 days of delicious meals

  • 3 experts to guide you

  • Sessions of IN BREATH Breathwork

  • Masterclass of sound specialized in sessions

  • Exercises to enable the voice channel

  • Exercises to work from the body

  • Approach to group energy management through sound

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We will be staying at an 18th-century farmhouse located near Barcelona between the regions of Bages, Berguedà, and Lluçanès, just 1 hour from Barcelona. The farmhouse is nestled in an area of gentle forests and fields, composing a serene and welcoming landscape to fully enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Accommodation will be in shared double occupancy rooms. Meals will be vegetarian.


To reserve your spot, you must pay 25% of the training fee (€550). The total amount must be paid by May 6th. There can be two payment installments.

For more information or questions, please contact us via email at

If you feel it's time to take the step to discover and experience the power of sound and expand your knowledge of breathwork to work in group sessions, we are more than happy to welcome you to this module.

The place from which she speaks, the loving gaze she processes, her respectful and attentive listening always, her conscious presence, the coherence with life she walks, and her way of accompanying, understanding what each one needs, is the key to making In-Breathe much more than just another breathwork technique.


I can only put a level of excellence in both Catalina and the content of her training. Her combination of professionalism, depth, dedication, and inspiration is truly hard to find. For me, this training has been a gift and an honor.


Catalina's words are like pure gold, distilling wisdom and unconditional love towards all of us. Her teaching has marked a before and after in my life, opening doors to dimensions of my being that I was unaware of. This journey with Catalina is not just learning; it is a rebirth, a profound transformation that has allowed me to see life with new eyes.


For me, this training has been a turning point: it has been a very profound personal transformation, one that reaches deep into the bone. Feeling the warmth, closeness, heart-touch, complicity, the bond created despite being in a digital format is incredible. Super comprehensive and well-crafted. All the content and the entire team are valuable, exquisite.


The breathwork In breath completely changed my life. Through this breathing, I connected with a part of myself that I had been wanting to connect with for a long time and didn't know how. Memories of being light. Access to personal power, to knowledge, to myself. Access to my most subtle and magical part. Catalina is an exceptional woman completely committed to expanding consciousness.



The following terms and conditions outline the policies for the InBreath Breathwork Training:

Reservation: To secure your spot in the InBreath Breathwork Training, a non-refundable deposit of 555 euros is required. This deposit guarantees your enrollment and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Cancellation and Refund: In the event that you are unable to attend the InBreath Breathwork Training, written notice must be provided at least one month before the event to be eligible for a refund, excluding the non-refundable deposit. If the training is in Bali or Colombia, the advance notice period is 45 days. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the loss of any refund.

All Sales are Final: Once the InBreath Breathwork Training has commenced, all sales are considered final, and no refunds will be issued. Due to the nature of the training and allocated resources, we cannot accept cancellations made during or after the event.

Conduct and Conflict Resolution: Participants are expected to maintain respectful and cooperative behavior throughout the training. Any disruptive behavior or conflicts with other participants or staff may result in expulsion from the training, at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny participation to individuals whose behavior disrupts peace or negatively affects others' experience. In such cases, no refund will be provided.

Confirmation and Travel Arrangements: Before securing your spot, it is essential to confirm your ability to attend the training. We recommend carefully considering your schedule, commitments, and potential conflicts. Additionally, you are responsible for obtaining adequate travel insurance covering any unexpected circumstances during the training.

Unforeseen Circumstances: In the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting global travel to the training location, the InBreath Breathwork Training may transition to an online platform while maintaining the scheduled dates. We will strive to ensure that the training experience is upheld and delivered virtually.

Right to Deny Participation: We reserve the right to deny participation to individuals who are not deemed suitable for the training in a professional and legal manner. This decision will be based on objective criteria and considerations related to the individual's readiness for the training.

By booking your spot and attending the InBreath Breathwork Training, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of the cancellation and refund policy as described above, as well as additional provisions related to conduct and the right to deny participation.


  • Individuals with heart problems.
  • Individuals with blood pressure issues.
  • Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Individuals undergoing psychiatric treatment.
  • Individuals who have had a psychotic episode.
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