Intensive immersion where we will activate specific energy centers that constitute our light body through breathing exercises, guided meditations and breathwork sessions..
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Why is this course important?

Our BEING is expressed and manifested in many ways. We are multidimensional beings that are part of a larger consciousness with a higher vibration than what we currently recognize in ourselves.

We are going through a very powerful moment, and it is necessary to awaken and connect with this frequency to live it and feel it, to make it conscious; to learn to contain ourselves through these energetic and vibrational changes that we are experiencing.

We all share a single network of information and consciousness that connects us and activates as each individual accesses that information and experiences it, thereby raising the consciousness of others. That's why our commitment is to work on a personal level and cleanse our emotional body and belief system in order to transform and harmonize the spaces in which we live and the people around us.

It is a strong process of assimilation and integration that requires presence and a lot of mental and emotional clarity. We need to be agile with our understanding; everything is accelerating and we are feeling it: sometimes as physical pains, dizziness, and confusion... other times as an expansion of consciousness without understanding what to do with it.

The journey we will share......

PFirst, we need to go through a process of cleansing and purification of our different bodies before we begin to raise our energy. We will be immersed in a luminous and crystalline container that will welcome and protect us during the restoration process of this Light Body where the key is the constancy and intensity with which we do the work.
That's why it's essential to make it a daily commitment during the 40 days of the process..  


40 days of practice including


via Zoom to open, review, and close the space


6 explanatory videos on the weekly topic and 6 additional theory videos


The breathwork session will thread through the entire process


With daily practices of meditations, visualizations, and activations

VALUE: 440€

To register, send us an email at and we will send you the details to formalize your registration.

Is this course for me?

  • You are ready to take an evolutionary step in your process.
  • You feel that you need to find a method that helps you stay stable amidst current changes.
  • You want to connect with a higher part of your Being.
  • You feel the need to activate parts of your body and sensitivity that are dormant.
  • You want to connect with your inner Guide, the purest part of yourself.

  • You are going through a personal process that requires personalized assistance.
  • If you suffer from heart problems or tension.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you have had psychotic episodes.
  • If you have had a premature Kundalini rise.
  • If you have epilepsy.

What can we expect after completing this course?

  • Having the ability to recharge more quickly in any situation that affects us and connects us with dense or low-vibration experiences. 
  • That our consciousness amplifies and we discover parts of ourselves or abilities that we did not know about.
  • That we can find a way to contribute to our community, friends, circles with more well-being and hope.  
  • Finding more meaning in our existence. 
  • Handling our emotions with more balance. 
  • Maintaining our vibration higher. 
  • Connecting with our intuitive ability.
  • Being more present in our midline and center.
  • Learning to discharge and clean our different bodies.

How was this course born?

About a year ago, I started a process of weekly shamanic journeys with Shalva Amos, a woman who lives in Ubud, she is a homeopath, quantum healing therapist, and hypnotherapist, among other things. Shalva has a project that combines different modalities to create a method of connection with parts of our BEING that allow us to access universal information through non-ordinary states of consciousness. The idea was to collaborate with her through these shamanic journeys in gathering information for a book she is writing about the world of plants, their medicines, doses, ways of using them, etc. The book collects journeys of different people, who guided by her, connect with the spirit of these plants to be able to access that information. That's how our relationship began, but everything turned into receiving other types of information that were more related to the work she does through breathing. That's why I feel called to share it with you. Throughout all this time and these encounters, I have received certain activations, meditations, and instructions on how to develop or regenerate what would be some light centers that we have in the body, which are more resistant than our energy body and therefore more stable. We are multidimensional beings and our nature is LIGHT.

Everything in the universe is energy and manifests through frequencies, each containing different fields of specific information. These are translated by our senses and by the symbols that our consciousness uses to be able to give more shape to the abstract and understand it in a more tangible world. So we can assimilate it not only with the mind but with our BEING.

Catalina Rojas Benedetti

My work for years has been related to breathing techniques, indigenous ceremonies, and the search for being from intuition. I believe in reconnecting with your inner voice, and that the only possible guide is yourself and your own body. I believe in will and the capacity for change, in the transformation and creation of one's own reality.

Breathing came into my life 23 years ago. I have related to it in many ways and from different places. At first, I almost saw it simply as a journey, a psychedelic experience that amazed me. Little by little and very organically, it began to transform and transform me. The depth with which I worked and healed became evident. And the path manifested itself fluidly and synchronously with my life moment.

Different elements have been incorporated, which have refined and completed the technique. So today, like me, breathing has taken its form and intention. Through it, I have been able to observe my wounds and heal them, cleansing my body and soul. Understanding that I am something much greater than I thought I knew and that I belong to something more goes beyond my personal history.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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