Our way of breathing determines who we are. The breath tells us about our relationship with the world and with ourselves. It is both the simplest and deepest tool we have to create the life we ​​want. It is the bridge between the outside world and our inner self. Through breathing, we can manage our emotions, our moods, the way we react, the ways in which we connect and thus, create the reality in which we want to live.

the technique


The specific breathing technique is mainly circular and connected. It activates our entire body map, releasing any contained emotions of our experiences accumulated during life. Being a breath to which we are not accustomed, this technique will change the automatism with which we live, generating a new and spontaneous space containing the opportunity to release fixed ideas and thus connect with the internal symbols of our unconscious that help us to transform old patterns. In this breath, the holding patterns and barriers that we have created as a defence dissolve.

This method of deep self-exploration and experiential psychotherapy is based on the transformation available during non-ordinary states of consciousness where we have the opportunity to access the deepest layers of being, of the psyche. Its objective is the integration of negative events, transforming them into positive ones.

Currently in our society, we have forgotten the basic and profound importance of our breath. This universally shared and vital aspect of life, is so easily taken for granted and overlooked as an automatic function, necessary for life and yet of little consequence beyond this perfunctory task. And yet, hidden in our breath we can find ways to manage our emotions, detoxify our body and mind, regulate our moods, release stuck energy, and connect with ourselves in the most intimate of ways.



Emotions are energy that needs to be expressed and moved. When these emotions are not expressed, they become stuck and imprint themselves within the body, expressing themselves in the form of knots, blocks, nightmares, and all kinds of unconscious behavior. Each emotion has a function and purpose within us. Although some may seem useless or negative, they each create a map of our internal world: showing us who we are and guiding us towards our healing. It is important for us to find acceptance and to develop a good relationship with these emotions. When we deny the truth of our emotions, we only create discomfort and confusion.

We can observe and experience ourselves from different perspectives in order to understand, reconstruct, and restore ourselves from the inside out. We are the only ones capable of changing our reality and way of functioning. Recovering the power of our breath and the connection with this part of the spiritual being common to all humanity is of great importance.

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